• Criminal Defense

  • Bulk Up Your Defense With the Facts



    Oftentimes, it’s vital to have a criminal investigator on your side to assist with your defense. Alessi Investigations is prepared to assist individuals and their attorneys by uncovering the truth about the initial crime and the criminal process accompanying it.

    Our P.I can assist with a range of different criminal cases, including those involving assault, battery, shoplifting, DUI and murder. You can rely on our P.I. to do the following to aid in your case:

    • Gather relevant evidence to see if/how the crime was committed
    • Create a comprehensive report in a court-ready package
    • Investigate witnesses to interview & check their credibility 
    • Re-investigate the case to ensure proper police steps were taken 

    Alessi Investigations will do all we can to assist the defense with fact-checking the investigation. If there are any oversights or evidence of misconduct, trust that our private investigator will discover the truth about the matter. 

    You deserve to have a solid defense plan for your case. If you or your defense attorney believes that you could benefit from the services offered here at Alessi Investigations, don’t hesitate to give us a call.