• Testimonials

  • Nathan Alessi is a laid back and gregarious man, with a drive to do the right thing, find the truth, and is honorable, even when he doesn't have to be. I know several people who have used him, (Some at my recommendation) and none have been disappointed. If I had a need for a P.I. , there is no other I would turn to.

    Stuart D.

  • My company has used Alessi for over 2 years and if you're looking for a reliable investigator, give Alessi a try. I can always count on Nathan to find the answers I need.

    JJ Davis

  • Worked with Alessi on several occasions and would highly recommend them.

    J N.

  • Quality job!! I have worked with him and he is excellent and what he does!

    Aymee M.

  • My ex-fianc√© repeatedly violated his restraining order by coming over and threatening me, slashing my tires and breaking my windows. The police could never respond in time to catch him. Alessi Investigations caught him and he finally went to jail. I never slept better than that first night, not having to worry about someone breaking down my door trying to kill me. Thank You SO much for everything you did!

    Amber J.

  • We've used Alessi Investigations for years and Nathan never ceases to deliver the best customer services in the industry.

    Braden C.

  • Alessi investigations is top-notch. They routinely provide timely, reliable, and great service. Give them a call today!

    John T.

  • I've used Alessi Investigation multiple times and I'm never disappointed! Nathan is hands down the best investigator in the state!!

    Greg D.

  • I wouldn't use anyone else! Nathan is a man of integrity and he charges the right amount of money for his services. Thanks for doing a great job!

    Robert W.